Fortay – Clouded Sounds


Coming to us from Bristol by way of London, Slime welcomes aboard the talented new producer Fortay. Having built up a reputation on a series of killer bootlegs, he comes to the label with a brace of incredible tracks that straddle the line between house and garage, adding some tropical flavour and bags of personality.

‘Clouded Sounds’ sets the standard early with a joyful percussive roller. Soft vocals sink into the mix as playful claps and modulated bass drive the track along with an air of mischief.

‘I Want You With Me’ adds some spice to the template of the former track with swirling pads and lush melodies, before dropping into a seriously killer bassline and beat workout that will be raising the temperature on dancefloors across the world.

‘Long Weekend’ combines soulful keys and a bumpy house groove before descending into a throwdown of beats and bleeps that has all the hallmarks of a heads-down, lights-up end of the night roller.

On the final track, up and coming producer Hugo takes the previous beat to task with a darker twist on the original, staccato bass stabs and creaking vocal FX shaping it into a warehouse killer if ever we heard one.

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