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My East-Ford Soul – Circumduct


London based producer My East-Ford Soul, bridges House, Garage and contemporary Jazz in a fusion of vibes expressed through a deep warm haze of sounds and synthesis.

With a strong focus towards developing his own unique sound, My East-Ford Soul takes influence from the likes of hard-hitters such as FaultyDL Laszlo Dancehall, Pedestrian, Midland & Chrome Sparks to name a few.

These influences alongside his own deeper knowledge of electronic dance music, having been brought up in Essex in the mid 90’s during the height and evolution of the UK Garage/House scene has allowed him to experiment with sounds we’re all familiar with in a unique and exciting manner.

It’s always been the soulful numbers that have remained a part of his musical library as he developed his own unique sound with a contemporary twist whilst experimenting through his teens as an up and coming DJ

Now having moved back to the London area after having moved away many years ago to the South, My East-Ford Soul feels right back at home and he presents his brand new debut Single “Circumduct” absolutely Free!!


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