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Noisey / Touching Bass: Mumdance Mix


Most DJs have a heavily overdosed passport full of trips to the coolest places that most can only Wikipedia. Mumdance is no different. His voyages abroad and ear for an ethnic groove have lead to his music grabbing elements from far-flung regions of the planet before being spun into a sound that UK ears can relate to. That means his discography is a constant economy trip between continents, from the ragga-Indian mixed slush puppy of “Tarahtid” through to “Smasher” and its Japanese geisha-tinged peaks and troughs. After a two-year hiatus, he sprung “Twists & Turns” onto the interwebs; a mixtape that has exhaled a new lease of life into his career. Before launching into an exclusive mix of mostly unheard, unsigned odds and ends, we nattered about Latino girls, shoegaze and obscure world genres.

Head to Noisey to read the interview with Mumdance and stay tuned for Touching Bass on every Friday of every week:…ing-bass-mumdance

01. Logos – Stasis Jam
02. Head High – Burning (Keep Calm Mix)
03. Batu – Stairwells
04. Mumdance & Logos – Turrican 2
05. Neena – Play Off Formats
06. SLK – Shottaz Riddim
07. Mumdance – Springtime
08. Strict Face – Shibuya Gunner
09. Moleskin – Sending (Breathless Mix)
10. Llesca – 7AD
11. Oddz – Victory
12. The Malboro Man – Hankee Pankee
13. DJ Nehphets – Juke & Money
14. DJ Deeon – OK
15. Aj Mcghee – Why You Looking At Me?
16. Actress – Purple Splazsh
17. Luna C – Piano Progression
18. Vibes – Hey Dj
19. Orca – 4am
20. House of Black Lanterns – Truth & Loss
21. Doc Scott – Swarm

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