Liya Morgan ft Opey – Nobody’s Watching

Pop R&B sensation Liya Morgan is set to debut her first single Nobody’s Watching on August  12th, 2013. Having travelled all over the world, from Sydney to New York and finally settling down in London, Liya has a vast range of experience and grasped exceptional opportunities including working with multi-platinum selling producer Audius (Delta Goodrem/Jessica Mauboy).

Currently working and putting together her EP, her debut single featuring UK-based rapped Opey is just a taste of what is to come from this lady with a stunning voice. The dance anthem due to hit clubs in the coming months has been targeted by Liya to “young girls of all shapes and sizes to move with confidence and feel comfortable on the dance floor”.

Rich with dance bass and beats, Nobody’s Watching is a real treat to all those who truly miss and appreciate music that tugs on your every emotion. Never one to shy away from pushing boundaries, Liya Morgan comes out swinging with her offering as she displays her powerful and strong voice. With punchy beats, catchy lyrics and riffs, the debut single picks up the momentum with speed.

Considering one of her most memorable moments as working with US billboard chart topping songwriter Tommy McConnell, the drummer from 80s R&B/Funk group Skyy in New York City, Liya Morgan relocated to London after making the impulsive decision to follow her instincts. “I was also fascinated by the diversity of culture and music in the UK which pushed me in that direction”, she says. This has eventually led to a fusion of Dance/Euro together with her Pop/R&B musical genres.

Liya Morgan is set to continue this rise to success. The track is a smooth dance/R&B work in which Morgan’s flawless voice and charming lyrics are made central to it. Exclusively radio-friendly, the track is certain to capture the attentions of the listener as beats and Morgan’s powerful vocals intertwine.

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