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SHADOW CHILD – 23 VIP (ft Tymer)

YUM 005 FOOD MUSIC // iTunes




Back at the start of the year Shadow Child released one of the stand out tunes of the year, ‘23’ featuring the vocals of Tymer. Six months on, and UK Garage legend DJ Zinc has given it the VIP treatment, alongside a rerub from Food Music head-honcho’s ‘Kry Wolf’.


Already garnering support on Rinse FM and from BBC Radio 1’s B.Traits, these two VIP’s are ready to set the airwaves and dancefloors alight this summer.


Zinc’s VIP maintains the structure of Shadow Child’s original, looping the second half of the bassline on the drop making fans and clubbers go crazy in the clubs. Zinc polishes off his edit with a haunting electronic riff that mirrors the bassline giving it a darker twist on the original’s feel good vibe.


Food Music founders Kry Wolf also pay homage to the original keeping the main airy vocal riff fully intact in the build up whilst adding a garage groove. Before the track can reach its crescendo, Kry Wolf quickly bring the track down into a dark bassline stomper that is certain to surprise any crowd – in the best possible way! Similarly to Zinc, Kry Wolf keep many elements from the original, showcasing how pivotal it was for the UK bass scene at the start of 2013!


Released just in time for peak Ibiza season, one can only begin to imagine the unforgettable nights that these tracks are going to be spun throughout the coming months, whether it be at We Love…Space or on Amnesia’s terrace…the party has just begun!

The Kry Wolf VIP refix and The Zinc VIP refix below.

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