A Q&A with Grant Nelson / by THE SUN

written by Nicky Trax

GRANT Nelson is heralded as the Godfather of UK Garage due to his numerous club hits on his Nice ‘n’ Ripe label in the early 90’s.

It was his sound along with a few others that gave birth to the then known as ‘Sunday Scene’ which went on to become UK Garage.

He also produced under the name Wishdokta from 1990-1993 when he was making Hardcore / Drum N Bass for the legendary label Kickin Records.

In 97 he started using the alter-ego Bump & Flex and began to produce UK 2 Step. He delivered some of the scenes biggest records by far including the incredible “Funk On Ah Roll” by James Brown.

Nelson has always remained a house head since his early Nice ‘n’ Ripe days and continues to do so to the present with his excellent Swing City label that consistently delivers top drawer house music.

Clubz caught up with the Godfather of Garage for a quick one to one…


What are some of the high/low points of your career?

High : Being able to do what I love for the past 23 years!

Low : Getting screwed over by people in this business that you thought you could trust.

What advice would you give to aspiring DJs?

Dig deep for your music. Don’t just play what everybody else is playing. If you really want to stand out bring some beats to the table that makes other DJs go “What the fuck!” 😉

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