Majestic MC – Learn My Bars Vol.1

1) Unknown- 1 time for the fog horn
2) X presidents- Diamond Rings
3) Us Alliance- All I Know (Dem 2 mix)
4) The Wideboys- Westside
5) Brasstooth- Celebrate Life (El-B)
6) Deetah- Relax (Bump N Flex)
7) Dj Bigga- Mind Body & Soul
8) M Dubs- Can you feel the bassline?
9) Sticky- Did it
10)Lenny Fontana- Spirit of the sun (Steve Gurley)
11)Dem 2- Artifical Love
12)Chris Mac- Tear it up
13)Mr Reds- Hobson Choice
14)Dj Ez- Just Turn It Up
15)Dj Ez- Rocking
16)Dem 2- Keep It Coming
17)Angine Stone- Sunshine (Wookie Dub)
18)Another Level- Bomb Diggy (Bump & Flex)
19)Todd Edwards- Stop The Fighting
20)Todd Edwards- Shut The Door
21)Todd Edwards- Show Me A Sign
22)Todd Edwards- You Came To Me
23)Todd Edwards- Restless Soul
24)Once Waz Nice- Messing Around (Wideboys)
25)Oxide- Foot To The Floor
26)Mj Cole- Trouble
27)Groove Chronicles- Millenium Funk
28)Psuedo- Heartbeat
29)Wideboys- Stand & Deliver
30)Fierce- So Long (Bump & Flex)
31)Anthill Mob- The Groove
32)Mr Reds- Can You Feel It
33)Sometreat- Lost In Vegas
34)Shut up & Dance- No Doubt
35)Masterstepz- Melody
36)Scott Garcia- Waiting
37)Dj Double G- Get Loose
38)NnG- I Keep
39)Jameson- Urban Hero
40)Resivoir Dogs- Buddah Finger
41)Wookie- Down On Me
42)Sticky- Triplets
43)4 Deep Connextion-Twisted Future
44)Big Bird- Flav
45)Roy Davis Jr- Gabrielle (Live Version)

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Biiiiiig mixtape from Majestic! This has been rinsed so much in the car & is probably the most played mix this year on my iTunes!

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