Killerhertz – Destination Unknown


Killerhertz is a highly recognisable name in the USA, and he’s come to the UK market now with his eleventh release, ‘Destination Unknown’.


Having won a competition at the Winter Music Conference in Miami in 2010, Killerhertz has very quickly risen up the dance charts in America, bringing dirty grime and exciting vocals to his devoted fans. In the three years he’s been on the scene, it would be fair to say he’s shot to fame, and with Destination Unknown being his eleventh release, it’s safe to say Killerhertz knows what he’s doing and knows what the people want to hear.


Killerhertz worked behind the scenes for some time, becoming obsessed with sound production and remixes. His first official release, Life On Tick, was the song that got him the fame he now has. Having won the competition with Life On Tick, he got signed to UFO recordings by the record label owner DJ Structure (Stephen Dunn). He later got signed to Ocean Drive Records, before settling with Grimey Grooves, where he know feels entirely at home with his music. The record label fits his music perfectly, which in itself should give you a good idea of the kind of music he produces. He’s also remixed some artists tracks, including BMV, Hakan Ludvigson and DJ Structure, to his own enticingly professional ‘dirty’ standard.


With this release, Killerhertz hopes to gain a following in the UK, as so far his sights have been set on conquering the American dance market. However, with this being his 11th release and with no sign of stopping any time soon, his music is perfect for the UK market as, thanks to his rapid release of professionally mixed and mastered, catchy and upbeat tracks, his consistency in the music industry will be extremely welcomed in a market where fans are looking for that one artist that will change their life.


Destination Unknown, which was released on the 25th February 2013, has been aptly described as “Dirty Grime topped with mad vocals and Deep Funk Flava”, is perfect for nightclubs, parties, blasting in the car, or just chilling out. The release can be sampled and bought exclusively on Beatport at

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