Richy ft Petrum – I’m Not Crazy (Dubstep Mix)

Richy started making music at just 14 years old, dedicated to creating a sound that was unique and interesting, separating him from the other artists within the industry. Now at 19 years old, Richy is set to release his new album, The Conclusion. This will be his first official album to be released on his own record label, Conclusino Music.
The Conclusion will be an album packed with sounds effects never heard before. Richy enjoys mixing new electro music with the massive, epic sounds of a full blown orchestra, as he believes this makes listening to his music unique and special for his fans. Combining these two contrasting genres is nothing short of genius, as it gives Richy’s music a diverse omnipresence which will make people around the world sit up and listen carefully to all the different intricate sounds and effects on each track.
Although this is Richy’s main focus, he very much works in a multi-genre way, which is yet another unique aspect of The Conclusion as Richy actively and successfully utilizes the House, Dubstep, Electro and Hip Hop  genres, amongst others, but without jeopardizing his own unique and individual sound.
Richy does not use pre-recorded loops in any of his tracks. He believes this takes away from the track itself and detracts from the listeners’ experience, as the loops are not his own music. He creates and records all his own music from scratch, ensuring that every second is unique and brand new to the scene.
Although Richy doesn’t use any pre-recorded music, he does have musical influences, such as Skrillex and Deadmau5, who both utilize the same kind of ‘big’ sound that Richy makes. He also occasionally plays in clubs as a DJ, which is another source of inspiration for him as he sees exactly what music makes the crowd feel good, and can take this experience back to his recording studio.
Richy is extremely excited to bring The Conclusion to the world, because it makes the listener feel good and happy. This is Richy’s main motivation in his music, as he wants his listeners to feel happy in life.
The Conclusion will be released on the 14th of June 2013, exclusively to Beatport. On top of this, there will also possibly be a music video for the artists’ favourite song on the album, ‘The Warping’.

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