UK Bass

Burnie – Atlantic EP

Cat.No : SLM072

Slime heads to Macau for it’s next installment of future music, this time courtesy of up and coming producer Burnie. Moonlighting from his work in electronica outfit Evade, here he delivers three cuts of beautiful music full of sensuality and emotion.

‘Atlantic’ drifts into view like a summer breeze, all sun-blushed haze and dream-like chords, pinned to a framework of skittering percussion. Half-whispered vocals soar around the track like ghosts in the machine, adding to the mystery.

‘Duke’ brings the heat with a jacking groove straight out of Chicago circa 1986, deconstructed for the future with ethereal vocal embellishments and off-kilter piano stabs.

‘Future City Film Club’ drops a relaxed 2-step shuffle over reverberating vocals and bubbling basslines. Shimmering chords glide along the surface as acid tweaks gently encase the track in a feeling of harmony.

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