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Be Down – Been really into UK Garage the last few months. Heres a track I did a while back. Shout to Brandy for the sample. Enjoy!


Dmore – I’ve been working on this track for a long time now. I figured I should probably release it. So, here it is. The track started as a mix between Baltimore Club and Deep House but turned into a collage of all the things I’ve been listening to over the last few months. I’m not sure how to describe it now. Anyway, I think it turned out good and I hope you enjoy it.


Stevie Maith – Wild Electrikz (Jeff Matchett Remix) –

Searching SoundCloud one morning I came across Stevie Maith’s page. Heard ‘Wild Electrikz’ and knew I had to remix it. Be sure to check out Stevie’s page! Enjoy!


Sunrise (Dub Mix) – Dub mix of this track. Currently working on a vocal mix. Should be out later this month. Enjoy!


Dmore (Tanner’s 2 Label Mix) – DJ Tanner’s remix of my track “Dmore”!


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