UK Bass

Semiotics – Moda EP

Cat.No : SLM068

The next release on Slime sees us head back to the UK to welcome Guildford-based DJ & producer Semiotics to the label. As one of the heads behind the Wizard Sleeve collective, he is at the forefront in showcasing the most cutting-edge music around, both on their blog and in their live shows. This exposure has bled into his own work, and here he delivers an impressive debut of emotive electronic music with flair and depth.

‘Moda’ floats in on plucked strings, wistful vocals and a staccato beat before affirming itself with a heavy bassline and snapping percussion that draws you in deep.

‘Chrysalis’ twists guitar and bass around a serpentine framework of clicks and kicks that seems always on the verge of collapse but coalesces with a feather-light touch to triumphantly pull the listener skywards.

‘Enveloped’ builds a tight groove around reversing chords and echoing keys, plaintive melodies haunting along the structure that hint at hidden depths.

‘Leaves’ drops the tempo down by a half-step for a horizontal excursion through glittering bells and slow motion bassweight that will soothe even the weariest head.

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