O.Crow – 8 Bit Robot

Rub A Duck 047-0

O.Crow presents her debut single “8 Bit Robot” on the Rub A Duck imprint.

Having grown up on the art of British electronic musicians (Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers left their imprint on the fragile teenager mentality), O.Crow could not ignore the emergence of U.K. Garage in the late 90’s, which led to her interest in dubstep. Although O.Crow always preferred the underground in her music preferences, she does not limit herself by one style and believes that high quality and interesting music can be found in any direction. However, the most bright emotions of the O.Crow causes heavy bass music, and its special musical vision she always wants to share with others. Picking up the baton as the first female producer to release a single on the Rub A Duck imprint, O.Crow makes a perfect first impression with the awesome “8 Bit Robot”.

Drawing straight lines to the vintage computer games of the 80s, O.Crow lays down a rough edged, in your face foundation of cast iron beats and hammering synth stabs. Exchanging wrecking drops with frantic bleeps, “8 Bit Robot” jostles its way from the DJ’s turntables to the dance floor for some crucial body moving. The remix was created by the F.I.69 project, which was established in 2011 by the two Russian producers Konstantine Nevelskiy and Igor Maksimenko; they overhauled the original into a reinforced drumstep version. “8 Bit Robot” by O.Crow kicks ass and that’s exactly what a debut single should do.

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