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DJ Trudos – #SidewinderPodcast 2013 Ep.1

Many thanks to everyone that supported the Podcast throughout 2011 & 2012… This year, I’m gonna be giving you a whole lot more, with special guest Interview’s/Freestyle’s/Mixes from some of the biggest Producer’s/MC’s/DJ’s UK Garage has to offer!

We’ll also be featuring DJ’s, Producer’s & MC’s we feel not only played a strong part in the original UKG scene, but are also doing something relevant within the scene now.  
The 1st episode features Juiceman where we talked about him as an MC/Producer (as you may know he has a forthcoming single on Public Demand).  
Sound Doctor – Ikea Monkey (Trudos Dubplate Special)
Artful Dodger – It Aint Enough (Kalypso Remix) [Trudos Dubplate Special]
Hint – Lock the Door (feat. Zed Bias)
B15 Project – One Touch
Arlissa – Sticks & Stones (MJ Cole Dub Mix)
Artful Dodger feat. Lifford – Please Don’t Turn Me On (Disclosure Remix)
Artful Dodger feat. Zoe Kypri – No I Turn Me On (Disclosure Remix)
Osunlade – Envision (Argy Vocal Mix)
Jakwob & Maiday – Fade (Club VIP)
Shadow Child – 23  (feat. Tymer)
Tyler James – Worry About You (Mike Delinquent Project Remix)
Mike Delinquent Project – Mama Said (Maddslinky Remix)
Charlie Brown – On My Way (Mike Delinquent Project Remix)
Juiceman Interview
Juiceman – Soca Rhumba
El-B feat. Juiceman – Buck & Bury
Juiceman Freestyle Set
Matt C & Juiceman – Take Me Away
Tru-Sound – Power Surge
Second Protocol – Basslick
Mosca – Bax (Trudos Dubplate Special)
Shut Up & Dance – No Doubt
Sidewinder Click – Rain Down On Me
DJ Q feat. Lousie Williams – Trust Again
DJ Fabian – Retro Bass
Artful – Wasteman (UKG Remix)
Imogen Heap – Headlock (Sound Doctor UKG Mix)

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