Mind Control Protocol – The Sumbersion EP

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Mind Control Protocol presents his debut, “The Submersion EP”, on the Rub A Duck imprint, featuring the titles “Try The Nutcream”, “Saence Maschine”, “FacePalm” and “DeliBread”.

Arriving from New Zealand, London based producer Mind Control Protocol (formerly know as Justin Case) stomped onto the scene with his debut remix for fellow expats Shapeshifter with a blinding rewrite of their seminal single “The Longest Day”.  Championed by various Youtube Channels and international producers, the “Shifty Mind Resmash” has totalled up a string of downloads and continues to be heard on various internet streams around the world. The follow up was a dark and atmospheric version of “Love Someone”, written by Melbournite dubchild of beatboxing, Ben Stanford a.k.a Dubfx. After receiving accolades from DJs at one of North London’s independent radio stations, two promotional mixes were produced and released to the public on a play only basis. In the early stages of 2012, Justin used the vocal talents of the Swiss born princess of dark folk, Rebecca Missy for “The Killer is You”,  a dive into the reckless world of dubstep/electro crossovers. Justin’s new moniker Mind Control Protocol has found its way to the artist roster of Rub A Duck, now introducing the massive “Submersion EP”.

Mind Control Protocol’s debut EP for the Rub A Duck imprint hits the floor with the three massive dubstep tracks “Try The Nutcream”, “FacePalm” and “Saence Maschine”. The fourth cut, “Deli Bread”, approaches things from the electro house side, confirming the versatility of the DJ/producer behind the alias. Not afraid of a brutal sound in his productions, Mind Control Protocol delivers relentless beats to the dance floors, all wrapped in a dark underground style that’s not for the faint hearted. The “Submersion EP” by Mind Control Protocol is another powerhouse for the bass-oriented DJs.

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