Seagram Murals – Albion EP

Cat.No : SLM062

Slime welcomes Australian producer Seagram Murals to the label for an astonishing foray into the depths of electronica. Drawing from the best elements of the genre’s palette, his music is invested with a warmth, dynamism and personality all of it’s own that has won him praise from artists such as Tycho.

The six songs presented here form a cohesive whole that brings you under it’s spell from the first notes. ‘Dawn’ sets the tone with a melancholy ambience that is extrapolated into bright new shapes through ‘Veritas’, before taking flight into ‘Albion’, saturated in choral echoes and playful melodies. ‘Unicorn’ unravels the narrative with a subtle twist, circuit-bent strings and stuttering percussion cascading into the consciousness of ‘Addled’, drenched in a skewed array of chords that becomes a companion to the haunting overtones of‘Tapping’ which takes the experience full circle.

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