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Dots Per Inch – I Got 5 On It / Wait Whisper

Dots Per Inch [hereby referred to as DPI]

DPI is no stranger to this, dare I say, bandwagon sound. Having had his ears firmly glued to the House and Garage scene, way back to its origins, spinning the likes of Tuff Jam, Groove Chronicles, Grant Nelson, MJ Cole, and RIP.

With a string of aliases un-known to all, we now present the first of many installments from DPI

Luniz – I Got 5 On It (Dots Per Inch Bootleg)  

It’s been a while since we’ve heard this 1995 classic hip-hop joint. DPI pulls out all the stocks with this one, creating a bumpy and up to date spin on “Luniz – I Got 5 On It” You would be mistaken if you think your listening to, well you know who?

This House and Garage amalgamation can do no wrong in my eyes with DPI’s illustrious synth’s designed to get the floor bugged out and a bassline that sits perfectly in the mix. You’ll be a House and Garage fool not to arm yourself with this one.

Ying Yang Twins – Wait Whisper (Dots Per Inch Bootleg)

Reminiscing seems to be the “key” word over the last year, but this chunky delivery is a track that’s bang up to date. The pitch twist on the bass hugs the drums like getting a warm and reassuring hug from your fat Gran.

This rolling House dub will fit nicely in to any rave set, ensuring boiling point is reached. This is a must have for all bass heads.

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