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Jelle Boon – First Law Of Boon

Hailing from Enkhuizen, The Netherlands, 18-year-old and multi talented Dutch DJ/producer Jelle Boon made his first steps in the world of electronic dance music at age 13. Initially Jelle focused on programming hiphop beats, but soon he discovered house and eventually found his style of choice when he made his acquaintance with electro; a style that in his mind had everything that house did not.

Soon Jelle spent all his quality time in the studio on the sound that he would quickly make his own. When working on new material, Jelle’s main objective always is to create complex arrangements that will still sound great and it is exactly that way of working that drew the attention of the record labels. His first productions like the well received “Der Holle Rache” were the perfect showcase of this approach to electro, in which he moves from classical music to plain noise to machinery and back; everything programmed with truly unique sounds. Critics in the industry aptly described his output as young, energetic and edgy, with an undeniable Dutch icing on top of it.

When Rub A Duck signed Jelle Boon for his debut single “My Depredation”, the time was finally there to unleash his music to the dance floors of the world. Hitting hard with seriously low sub bass on top of incredible edits, synth- and voice stabs, the track became a frantic sounding killer track that was played by many DJs during the peak times of their live sets. The follow up, packed in the Junior Master Chief EP, featured the titles “For The Big Thirst”, “In Search For Beans”, “Microwave Goes Ping” and “Salt & Pepper” and once again brought forth Jelle Boon’s trademark sound full of tight edits, percussive drum programming and subtle fidget influences; true electro in every sense of the word, with fresh and energetic tech elements. Colleagues in the business like the Beejays and Jagged HedZ were among the first to have their singles remixed by Jelle.

Enter the year 2013 and Jelle Boon proudly presents the logical result of last year’s hard work: his debut artist album entitled”Fisrt Law Of Boon”. Confidently stepping into the arena of established names that have all supported his earlier single and EP releases, Jelle presents 15 rock solid productions delivering a cream of the crop combination of Dutch house, electro and a hint of Deadmau5 influence. And with a massively striking wall-to-wall sound, the young multi talent effortlessly showcases a variety of dubstep cuts at the same time. Not shying away from vocal endeavours, Jelle also teamed up with the acclaimed female singer/songwriters Alisa Fedele and KT Forrester.

Not hampered by the in fashion demands of commercialized thirteen-in-a-dozen mass productions, Jelle Boon boosts his career to the highest echelons of the electronic dance industry with this stupendous debut album. “First Law Of Boon” is available as a digital only release and includes bonus tracks, iTunes booklet and a free DJ mix.

Track list:
01. Drop Is Candy
02. Epicenter
03. The Statue
04. Hitch A Ride (featuring Alisa Fedele)
05. Netherquake
06. Rebuild The Shipwreck
07. First Law Of Boon
08. Unleash The Whiner
09. The End Is Near
10. Senseless (featuring KT Forrester)
11. Piece Of Peace
12. Shapeshift
13. Unek Spected
14. Boh
15. Before The Storm

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