UK Bass

Basswave 2


From its inception at the start of this decade, the label has strived to bring you the very best in forward-thinking electronic music, designed as much for your own headspace as it is for the dancefloor.

We’ve sought to re-capture the wide-eyed thrill of the first age of rave, that era of experimental sounds and styles which changed the way so many of us listen to music forever, and re-interpret it for a new generation.

The Basswave series has become a document of our love affair with music, a retrospective of the label’s releases from the previous year in its basic form, but more over a testament to the invention of new producers from around the world.

An exhilarating, all-terrain ride through the minds of the next generation of electronic music artists, it encompasses all manner of genres including house, techno, garage, drum & bass, dubstep and the myriad niche sounds therein.

Slime – designed to move minds.


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