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Hectic – Rewind/Way Back

TREE-004: Hectic – Rewind/Way Back

Hectic, aka Tim Fitzpatrick brings his immaculate production style and weighty dubstep sound to Family Tree Records to form the fourth release in the series. Having previously released on Rub-A-Duck, We Are Live, and Ministry of Sound, Hectic now returns with two new tracks that pander more towards the dance-floor than his previous dark and heavily weighted productions.

With ‘Rewind’, Hectic takes you back with a sound that is reminiscent of those rave heavy tracks of 90’s club culture. Just as Skream looked backed to the clubbing rave-culture of that era to inspire his second album, ‘Outside The Box’, with tracks like ‘Epic Last Song’, Hectic employs a similar formula to create that nostalgic vibe. It takes the euphoric sounding keys of big-room house, but grounds it with a more underground skippy 2-step beat to produce a versatile, bass-heavy dance track that would work just as well in a Redlight DJ set as it would in a classic Freestylers’ mix.

Hectic’s second offering ‘Way Back’, sticks around the 140bpm mark, but this time concentrates on delivering a punchy low end that whirls and wobbles around its’ dubstep rooted beat pattern. The clear cut percussive drum-kicks roll out with vigour as the track unveils a bouncy sub-bass which is accompanied by a layering of metallic twitches and twisted wobbles. Short but hard-hitting, ‘Way Back’ gets you both bouncing along whilst hooks you with its many levels of complex percussion, all in a whirlwind 3 minutes.

Tim Fitzpatrick’s two-track release for Family Tree Records steps up a gear to present two heavy hitting tracks that lean much more towards the dance floor than the glitched-out and sumptuous dub orientated releases that have formed the rest of the dynamic Family Tree series. Hectic is a producer who clearly knows his way around punchy percussion, where on both tracks he delivers a different, but equally dance-infectious sound. Be it the rave-tinted ‘Rewind’, or the bouncy ‘Way Back’, this release will get you moving.

Words by Nick Parry


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