Sound Avtar – Cursed/The Last Life EP

Sound Avtar (RAD 039)
01. Cursed
02. The Last Life

Sound Avtar presents his new two track EP on the Rub A Duck imprint, featuring the titles “Cursed” and “The Last Life”.

Sound Avtar’s reputation as one of the hottest DJ/producers from India is on the rise. Consistently delivering high profile tracks with a sound that’s lauded for its varied drum programming, fat bass drops and bass lines, his music has been described as a genius mix of grime and unorthodox themes. Piyush Bhatnagar -as many will know the man behind Sound Avtar- strives to continuously explore the dubbed side of music by mixing Indian elements and Western percussion in order to come up with a truly unique sound that defines Indian dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass. Sound Avtar’s output has so far been supported by acts like Figure, Adventure Club, Reid Speed, Ming, DJ Shortee, Eddy Temple-Morri, Andi Durrant etc. With the success of his previous releases “1Up”, “Monster On A Rope” and the Vertigo EP he created with Phoenyx tightly notched to his belt, Sound Avtar now presents “Cursed” and “The Last Life” as the hot new follow up.

“Cursed” and “The Last Life” represent Sound Avtar’s style perfectly. Both cuts drive frantically on hard beat programming each boasting a well produced and off the wall arrangement that adds an attractive dark feel to the EP. DJs ready to throw down some serious dubstep for their next bass music booking better add these two bombs to their playlist.

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