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Christopher T. Page

Christopher T. Page is an upcoming producer from London. He mainly specialises in garage and house music. Really refreshing to hear sounds that aren’t trying to be new and in scene, it’s pure oldschool love of good music.

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Tony Lindsay – They’re Watching You (Christopher T. Page Remix)
Simple and bumpy, lots of good ideas going on.

D’Layna – Keep On and Hold On (Christopher T. Page Remix)
This has a very oldschool feel, I think this is my favourite, not too much or too little going on. Only real criticism is the overall sound quality of the piece.

Christopher T. Page – Devil Is Here
Great initial beat, slight twist with the bassline bumpiness. A lot of good ideas in this piece, perhaps just needing to get an outsider perspective to help de-clutter a little, really good ideas and kept interesting.

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