T and Sugah ft Evelien – Bring It On Now

T & Sugah present their debut single entitled “Bring It On Now” on the Rub A Duck imprint. The vocals are performed by Evelien.

T & Sugah is a DJ/producer duo, known to their friends and family as Robin Storm and Philippe Argandeh Jouneghani. Inspired by the sounds they heard at bass music events, they started producing in early 2011. Not completely content with their very first electro house tracks, they decided to improve their skills by composing and mixing tracks with live instruments like guitar, vocals and even violin. Robin and Philippe’s productions increased in quality and slowly but surely the two started with performances and events, carefully building up their name in their local bass music scene. At the end of this year’s summer, T & Sugah went back to the studio to concentrate on producing dubstep, house and drum ‘n’ bass. It was at that time that they met with Evelien, a vocalist with whom they experimented a lot; she now performs on their new single.

“Bring It On Now” is an energetic drum ‘n’ bass production in the style known from big names like DJ Fresh and Drumsound & Bassline Smith. With plenty of room for tightly programmed beats and swirling guitar riffs, Evelien’s voice adds an open atmosphere to the track. Including a massive remix and dub version, the title “Bring It On Now” says it all for every DJ.

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