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Orpheus – The Connected EP

Début EP from London duo bringing enchanting vocals, deep bass, haunting sounds and uplifting vibes.

First out of the gate on new label SnF:Lo-Fi is the inaugural 3-track EP from Future Garage duo Orpheus, entitled The Connected EP. Entering the scene with valour, Orpheus – a.k.a. Brainz and Muad’Dib – throw down three distinctly different tracks that still exist in a natural flow, which is akin to spirit in which the EP was created.

Connected is a beautiful, yet bassy vocal number employing the dreamy vocals of Aisling. With its dramatic strings, rolling bass and spacious aura, this one is perfect to chill or rave to depending on your moody.

The Journey is deep, haunting track, the savageness of which causes fully spontaneous, animalistic tooth-grinding. Some have said that this is the “stand out” track. You be the judge.

Despite having the most disturbing sounding name, Cronos Eats His Children is probably the happiest track on the EP. Inspired by garage sounds coming out of France recently, Cronos is a chirpy skank-out number, with subtle splashes of yesteryear.

The Connected EP will drop in October 2012.


Brainz is a DJ that has been deep-set in the UK Garage scene for over a decade, starting off on the legendary89.4fm London Underground. Spinning UKG for nearly 15 years, he is now a firm part of the Future Garagemovement, regularly pushing brand new music on the award-winning station Sub.FM. Running the most popular UKG news outlet since 2007, Brainz eats, sleeps and walks Garage every day of his life.

Muad’Dib has talent in bags, and he’s now applying it to a new genre that has captured his attention for the past few years: Future Garage. The producer from South London has an impressive CV, and musical credentials to back it up. It’s hard to get him to show a little braggadocio though, so we have to do it for him. MD was previously live music director, writer and producer in a Mercury Prize winning team and has also worked with artists such as Nina Jayne, Jamie Foxx, Aloe Blacc and Kate Bond. With all this in mind, MD brings to Orpheus a unique sound inspired by the likes of 123MRK, Sorrow, Burial and Submerse.

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