AdeNaz Productions – THE EP vol. 1

Welcome to our latest installment of tunes for the UK Garage scene. We have, at long last, finally finished our long awaited EP, which contains “something kina different”.

All these tracks showcase our interpretation of what UK Garage should contain and there are elements in there, which are quite modern and we want to try and push things in different directions, while preserving the sounds of what makes UK Garage.

Track listing:

AdeNaz Productions ft. Lil Miss Vocalist & MC Flamezee “Way It’s Going Down”
AdeNaz Productions ft. MC Danger K & Donna S “You’re Everything”
AdeNaz Productions ft. MC Hyperactive & Miss Red “Body…Oh!”
AdeNaz Productions ft. Donna S “Moving On”
AdeNaz Productions ft. MC VIP and Miss Red “Over Again”
Monique Parris “Came To Party” (AdeNaz Productions remix ft. Mr Rootsy)

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