Franky Nuts – Go Nuts EP

1. Bang Like This
2. Animal (featuring Skinto & Don De Baron)
3. Feels Like Yesterday (featuring Staf Eggermont) (Club Mix)
4. Motherfucker
5. Shut Your Eyes (featuring Staf Eggermont)
6. Feels Like Yesterday (featuring Staf Eggermont) (Original Mix)
7. Feels Like Yesterday (Instrumental)

Introducing Rub A Duck’s latest addition to their roster: the young talent Franky Nuts. Born and raised in the small town of Roosendaal, the 18 year old producer is definitely one of the biggest talents in the Dutch Dubstep scene. Franky doesn’t limit himself to Dubstep and also focuses on Drum & Bass, as well as Electro and Rave, and is active in other related music genres.

His first official release was a remix for Dunugoz vs. Tha Roofas – “Anita’s Theme”; an electro track that was released by Black Hole Recordings. After this first landmark he teamed up with Azzeration to deliver a remix for “Over You” by the Freestylers which was released on the Rub A Duck imprint including a wide variety of remixes.

Franky’s “Go Nuts” EP features a total of 7 of some of the hardest “in your face” Dubstep cuts currently available, featuring two extraordinary singers: the vocals on “Animal” are performed by Skinto and Don De Baron; currently the big names in the Dutch grime scene. Skinto is known for his collaborations with the boys of ‘Zwart Licht’; Don De Baron is member of the infamous ‘Noiz Boiz’ crew.

Moving on to the track “Feels Like Yesterday”, we get to enjoy a collaboration with post-hardcore vocalist Stef Eggermont who built his fame in The Netherlands with his band ‘My Worst Case Scenario’.

Franky Nuts took no chances and invested a little over half a year to complete this diverse, but most of all, hard EP. His career may have just started but for his reputation of a highly skilled producer, this EP is a superb introduction for those who don’t know about ‘The Nuts’.

Let’s also not forget to mention that Franky is an acclaimed DJ, who has shared the decks with such big time artists like Funtcase, Hatcha, Black Sun Empire, The Freestylers, Audio, Counterstrike, Boy Kid Cloud, Sinister Souls and many, many more.

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