Club Asylum Classics – Vol.1

All Saints. KC & JoJo. Shola Ama. Another Level. Kristine Blond. Cleopatra. Barbera Tucker. These are just some of the names the legendary Club Asylum worked with whilst all were at the top of their game. That is testament to the level of success Club Asylum reached, their standing within the UK music industry and why the Club Asylum name is still one of the most respected within the electronic music scene.

The creative genius within Club Asylum, aka Jeremy Sylvester and Paul Emanuel, led them to Nice and Ripe Records, the UK’s most prolific, pioneering and, suitably, genre-defining Garage label. Headed up by the guy known as the The Godfather of UK Garage,Grant Nelson, it was here where Club Asylum solidified their name amongst the A-list within the UK music scene.

After solely taking the Club Asylum name to dizzy new heights after the Nice and Ripe days, Jeremy Sylvester has continued releasing under the Club Asylum name through a new piece of history in the making – his label, Urban Dubz. Now you can get your hands on the 3 releases that helped propel them into stardom and got stars clambering to work with them!‘You’re A Freak, ‘Stop By’ and ‘Freak You’, were 3 bootlegs released on white label vinyl in 1998. It was these that launched Club Asylum into the spotlight and had major labels across the globe wanting them to work with their artists, and like 3 old flames returning looking more beautiful than the first time you set eyes on them, they are back in a digitally re-mastered format!

As antique as music goes, you cannot get more valuable than this! These really are a piece of history that was incredibly limited at the time, yet shaped the music industry during the late 90s, early 2000s and inspired many musicians of today. Now, dug up and polished off, this isn’t just your chance to listen to what defined Club Asylum, or Garage, these 3 tracks were music-defining!

Digitally-remastered and sounding as fresh as the day they were born, this is your chance to re-live history!

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