Cream Ov Da Crop – Underwater

Out August 20th 2012!

Available from iTunes, HMV Digital, and other digital stores!


Users should text TRACK CODC M to 80818 (Texts cost £1)

Locked away in the music laboratory for the past 2 years, Cream Ov Da Crop have been mixing the elements that each of the 6 members bring to create the perfect formula with their album, 11/10 – a perfect blend of the best of British music, showcasing House, Electro, Grime, Dubstep and Garage being bought into the present with the stars of the future. A guaranteed fix no matter what you’re craving, you’ll be in danger of overdosing on this album that gives you a buzz like no medicine could – a true class A!

Hot on the heels of their April album release, is their single Underwater. Having had it’s debut airplay on BBC Introducing Coventry & Warwickshire, the track is reminiscent of the silky vocal vibes of Craig David, MC’ing rhythmic, slick and lyrically contagious, laid down on a house beat that is so incredibly fresh it has no sell-by-date and will get your legs moving in your sleep that you’ll wake up 3 pounds lighter! With the video production from the incredibly talented Smash Down TV which will premiere on 30th July, this is a release that’s sure to present itself to the UK Charts and your favourite music TV channels in fine fashion!

Having formed in 2007, the group consisting of the beat makers that are Mr B, DJ Priceless, Mavey D, and serious vocal talents that are Dizzle, Double D and LT, have been notching up an ever-growing fan base and were consequently chosen to support Katy B for her Loud in Libraries gigs! Booked to perform throughout the year at festivals and venues across the country, the boys have racked up over a million hits on Youtube to date, and as anyone associated with the group will tell you, this is just the start.

In a time where the conveyor belt of musical creativity seems to be on the slow-down, this Midlands group are stealing the baton and sprinting their way to the front, ready to show the rest how it’s done. It’s no wonder that major labels are sitting up, locked horns at the ready, with their eyes on the prize! These guys are the talk of the town, and they really are the Cream Ov Da Crop!

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