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DJ Impact – ‘Hype Music Project’ 30min Mix

An Exclusive 30 Mix that never got released!

Without me talking all over the music for a change!

Created Last year (2011) at my home studio, this ‘quick mix’ was originally intended by request, for the ‘Hype Music’ Website but never got put out. Ive had it sitting on my hard drive all this time so thought I might as well put it to some use. All tracks are now available to buy apart from one.

Big up Leon 1 Love & Detox each & every, hope you dont mind me using your logo 😉



Vato Gonzalez ft Foreign Beggars – Badman Riddim (Jump) (Dem 2s Late Nite At Mandy mix) MoS
Duncan Powell – Some Bass – Beats in Progress EP
MC Secret Agent & MC Evenson – Get Away (Para Remix) Unreleased
Solution – Taken – 42tf Recordings
Smokey Bubblin B – Give a Little Love – 42tf Recordings
8th Note – What’s up Girl / Hype Music
Dreadsquad Lady Chann – Island Lovin (CJ Reign Remix) Superfly Studio Poland
Impact ft Jade Voice – You Lied to Me – 42TF Recordings
Atomic Vs Avici – Levels (4X4 Dub)
Robbie T – Tetley Riddim – Vinyl’s & Voicemails EP
Knowing Looks – Abandoned Ship – WNCL Recordings
GTE ft Kelsey – Something On Your Mind (Control-S Mix ft Majestic Mc) 888 Recordings

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