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Dubtronix – The Best of Dubtronix Volume One

Old Skool Junglist producer Dubtronix is back after nearly 20 years releasing a new 20 track albumcontaining old classics such as ScrewfaceFantasy and a whole load of un-released tracks.

OUT JULY 23RD 2012!


If you associate yourself with Jungle or DnB, new fan or old, the name Dubtronix will need no introduction to you. The brainchild of UKG and House music royalty, Jeremy Sylvester, Dubtronix is one of the most prestigious names within the genre, still talked about today across all social network platforms 20 years later.

Big success ‘Screwface’ was a pioneering track. Released on Sub Assertive Sounds, it was the first DnB song to use a film sample. The inspiration on this occasion was taken from ‘Marked For Death’ starring Steven Seagal, with the track title coming from the name of one of the movie’s characters. Legendary DJ and household name, Grooverider, was the first DJ to get his hands on the track with massive support. But not only did he get the track, but Dubtronix made an exclusive dubplate for Grooverider for which he played it from! The track went on to be championed around the World, being played by Grooverider and hosts of other DJs, ensuring it sold 25, 000 copies and left it’s stamp on the Jungle and DnB scene forever.

Now that very track has been digitally re-mastered, and it’s not the only one. The massive follow up release on Q Dance Records‘Fantasy’ is also included, a release that is synonymous with DnB fans across the globe and still being hailed and talked about on forums and Youtube even now, as well asInterface – Junglism Vol. 1, an album coming out of the same label. Dubtronix went on to release a number of singles on RENK records, the label renowned for the chart hit ‘Incredible’ by General Levy, testament to the high regard Dubtronix were, and still are, held within the Jungle and DnB community.

Now you can get your hands on their biggest hits, including many of those taken from Dubtronix albums, including ….

… unreleased, never before heard material from 20 years ago! Wow!

All digitally-remastered and sounding as fresh as the day they were born, this is your chance to re-live history in the 21st century!

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