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Wetdog – “Press Play. Enter” EP

01. Aix
02. When
03. Meanwhile
04. Aura
05. Knocking The Fade Out
06. Aura (Video Edit)

Wetdog presents their brand new Press Play Enter EP on the Rub A Duck imprint, featuring the titles “Aix”, “When”, “Meanwhile”, “Aura” and “Knocking The Fade Out”.

Ever since the release of their singles “Dopamine” and “Drunk Girls Eating Tosti’s”, the producer duo behind Wetdog has earned a rock solid reputation. The two manage to creat tracks that offer an alternating but contemporary view on electro-techno music, both in their productions and live DJ sets. Always delivering with a raw and penetrating sound that inevitably leads to a banging peak moment, Wetdog builds arrangements with plenty of enticing variation for the dancefloors.

Wetdog’s trademark arrangements are perfectly showcased in “Aix”; a cut that offers a unique, melodic break and a slowing down drum program, Lil’ Louis style. On “When” it’s time for some serious electro, in which the percussive beats form the perfect foundation for Wetdog’s insane synth programming that just seems to keep going. Then there’s the exceptional “Meanwhile”. Comparable to vintage productions by Jan Hammer, the legendary composer known from the Miami Vice series, “Meanwhile” could easily have been part of the soundtrack for the movie “Drive” and stands out because of its smooth chord changes and a subtle melody line that would make Ryan Gosling’s high powered car chases look even faster. Words like ultra chill, over exposed images, travels and a summery 80s feel all apply.

Things will finally get pretty hot when “Aura” kicks off. DJs should be aware of the ultra low sub-bass, because this one is a serious workout for your woofers. Featuring a nice break with some serious string work, “Aura will definitely kick ass. “Knocking The Fade Out” then treats us with a classic sounding techno banger that brings back memories of Mr Oizo’s “Flat Beat”. Wetdog’s EP invites to only one thing for every DJ: Press Play. Enter!

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