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Hooligan Soul ft Hustler Spirit – Shout Loud

Hooligan Soul will be releasing a new single  ‘Shout Loud’ through Urban Dubz on 28th May. The track is taken from the forthcoming album ‘Blah Blah Blah’, which is set for release in August 2012 and features the vibrant vocals of Brixton female mc/rapper Melanie Jane (Hustler Spirit).

‘Shout Loud’ is a track that encompasses all the best bits of underground bass music… House, Garage, Dub and DnB.  Blending all of these genres into one groove to reflect the diverse range of bass music styles currently pumping through pirate radio airwave throughout the UK. There is a full remix package to accompany the track and includes a Global Stepperz mix, which will be available as a free download, a Profd Dubstep remix and dancehall and garage versions.

Hooligan Soul consists of Birmingham based DJ and electronic dance music producer Jeremy Sylvester and features various singers and rappers from Urban Dubz Music productions and elsewhere. The band was formed from an initial idea of fusing Dubstep, DnB, UK Garage, Rave and Hip Hop together. Origionaly going under the name of Housebreakerz the band was signed to Basement Jaxx’s own record label Atlantic Jaxx. In 2005 the band had four single releases, including an England football song entitled ‘Last Stand (for England)’ during the World Cup in 2006. The name ‘Hooligan Soul’ came about when a member of the audience shouted ‘You guys are proper Hooligan Soul’, during a Basement Jaxx support slot at the KoKo club in London.

Sylvester says of Shout Loud: “ I first had the idea of creating an instrumental Dubstep style beat using ‘Rave ‘ style synths with a big phat dirty bassline going through it. But as I started to get deep into the production of it, I felt the urge to try and make it a bit different. I started experimenting with dancehall style drum patterns coming in and out of the arrangement between the dubstep beat, then I began to tweak the dubstep beat by making it a little more hip hop/urban style, but still keeping the original tempo, dubstep feel and groove structure..” This was followed with the addition of Brixton based vocalist Melanie Jones’s pirate fuelled rap over the unique beat.”

Shout Loud is a call to the UK underground community to stand up and feel the new sounds of the electronic music scene.  Taken from the fourthcoming album, Jeremy Sylvester offers something that is both true to its roots yet belongs entirely to Hooligan Soul.

Hooligan Soul/Urban Dubz Music club nights, live pa’s, remixes and DJ sets are being planned later on in the year to support the album launch on Urban Dubz Music label.

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