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DJ Narrows – U.F.O. EP (SoulCraft 002)

Training like a shaolin monk DJ Narrows has been in the studio, the matrix of his mind – Training harder, reaching higher levels of sound production and subconscious. 

A- UFO): Casestudy:26022012 straight outta da X-Files, Narrows sets the unsettling dark tone. Classic, spine-tingling, mystical intro with eerie, interstellar electronic samples. Dropping into a grizzly, cartoonstep stomper and heavyweight 4x4breaks. ‘Fun, bouncy and from a place beyond the stars.’

B- (PsychoActive) ToadStyle: An interplanetary kungfu soundtrack, infused with mighty 4x4breaks and trademark Narrows industrial bassline. ‘Big, bad and bashy – This one’s for the raving crew, dancefloor destroyer.’

BB- L’Ouverture Trois: Part 3 of ‘The Opening’ series. A Hyper-hyped 4x4beat chipping along at 280bpm. This quirky rinse-out displays Narrows at his rawest best. ‘Blasting out an alienfunk electro-riddem from an alternative dimension.’

DJ Narrows is recognised as a founder of what we now call UKG, Grime, Dubstep, Niche and 4x4Bassline. Narrows has become one of the scenes most highly regarded artists with his unique sound production and heavy 4x4breaks. This culminates with SoulCraft. “The vessel of the unconsious mind floating into the universe”

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