Hectic – How Could You Know (Rub A Duck 012)

Rub A Duck 012
Hectic – How Could You Know
1. How Could You Know (Original)
2. You Got Me (Original)
3. You Got Me (Blynk Remix)

Hectic presents his brand new EP release on the Rub A Duck imprint, featuring the titles “How Could You Know” and “You Got Me”.

With this new release, Hectic showcases his versatility as a producer and treats us with underground dubstep and UK bass music with a nice touch of garage and grime. The opener of the EP, “How Could You Know”, is a dark and more or less threatening production that would suit perfectly in a movie soundtrack. A persistent bassline programmed on the sixteenth notes works as the perfect basis for the slow but driving beats and the addition of alien style synth sweeps gives the entire production the perfect sound for a packed underground DJ set. A perfect cut for both the dancers and the video jocks; images of extended car chases jump to mind.

“You Got Me”, the second title of the EP, features another UK bass music production, this time packed in an accessible garage wrapper with a splash of grime in it. It’s one of those multi purpose singles that will fit perfectly in the live set of house, club and even techno DJs. Hectic’s subtle use of synth stabs, vocals and a driving bassline on top of driving 4/4 beats turns the entire cut into a true floorfiller on the house tip.

The Blynk Remix in this package stays close to the original, but adds an undeniable techno feel with a clear nod and wink towards garage. Especially the intro offers every DJ a chance to show off their mixing skills. Hectic’s new EP will soon be on the tracklist of the big names.

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