#ukgxmas Advent Calendar

I know it’s just turned November, and I know it’s nowhere near Christmas yet but this stuff takes some organising.

For the last few years, UKGMix (now has done an xmas advent calendar, a new mix / download every day from 1st December upto 25th December. It’s been great fun with a lot of people up for doing a ‘special’ christmas mix.

This year is no different. If you’re interested in providing a mix or a track for the UKG Xmas advent calendar (If you’re on twitter, hashtag it #ukgxmas) then drop us a message or email and we’ll do the rest.

Here’s what I’m after: –

25 Mixes or Tracks.

Mixes to be between 30 minutes & an hour (ish).
Any style is ok – You’re the DJ. As long as it’s UKG (or sub-genre like dubstep, future garage etc) then it’s good.
Make sure the mixing is on point, this’ll be downloaded by a whole bunch of people.
1 long mix or tracklisted? Doesn’t matter.
Artwork isn’t an issue. If you’ve got some, excellent! If not, it’s no biggie.
Upload the mix to Soundcloud, Sendspace, mediafire or something like that.
Submit me the link!

If you’re going to submit a track, finish it and make sure it’s good. Tracks get a whole bunch of downlaods too!
Upload it to Soundcloud, Sendspace, mediafire etc.
Use the submit form to send the link!

Alternatively, hit us up on twitter — @ukgarage

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