Club Asylum – Turn Me On

Brand new Club Asylum Underground Club release on Urban Dubz Music. Jeremy takes influences from early underground bassline house releases on Nice n Ripe and takes it into the future with a bass driven 4×4 mix designed for maximum destruction on the dancefloors. The Future Stepperz mix goes a little bit experimental fusing dubsteppy elements with a bad ass 2 step groove layered with lush latin jazzy chords in the breakdowns.

Artist: Club Asylum
Title: Turn me on
Label: Urban Dubz Music
Release Date: 10/10/2011

1. Turn me on (Future stepperz mix)
2. Turn me on (Bassline 4×4 mix)
Produced by Jeremy Sylvester
Published by Urban Dubz music/Westbury Music publishing.

I would also like to take this moment to thank everyone who supported / played the ‘Good Enough’ single/remixes, certainly does feels like the single has been turned into a modern day UK Garage classic – and that would not have happened without the support of you Guys

‘Good Enough’ will also be released via the new ‘Pure Garage’ compilation series mixed by Jason Kaye out  October via Warners

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