DJ Bozie

Tell us a bit about yourself
Well I’m a self-proclaimed DJ/Host from Dagenham. I base my whole appearance around the legend that is Keith Chegwin… Only kidding, not really much I can tell you about me to be fair, I’ll sort you out with my twitter in a bit that’ll sort you right out.

How did you get started in the industry?
All my pals have been in the industry for years and I had enough of supporting them and thought I’d give it a go myself. So got my pennies together bought some CDJ’s and locked myself away to learn how to mix. Then it was a matter of getting myself heard… Found out that was looking for DJ’s so I forwarded a mix CD and got a show, then it’s just gone forwards from then on…

There’s been a major push on UKG this year, what are your thoughts?
I think it’s a good look but what you gotta look at is there has been a surge for people playing UKG again but not many producers are making any new stuff, it’s still all the old school UKG anthems getting played in the clubs and on the stations. There’s only a select few producers still making new UKG like BeeQ + Unique, GTE, Distant Soundz, Ade + Naz, Impakt but yeah it’s definitely had a little bash at making an impact this year.

Do you have any tips/advice for young DJ’s?
Just be you….. Find your style and work frikkin hard!!!

Who are your influences?
Who else, the big boys in the game Smashey and Nicey!!! (ahahahhaha)
Apart from them I gotta say my influences are the people who have helped me in the short path I’ve took so far… Epic, Davey Dizzle, Groov then a massive shoutout to all the producers who send me promo’s…

What’s your favourite UKG track?
K-Warren – Coming Home… Big stinkin tune!!!

What have you got planned for the future?
I’m just looking to get noticed more. I’ve just started to get recognised and I’m starting to get bookings so hopefully you’ll see a lot more of me in an around clubland.

Why is the sky blue?
You know what that’s a bloody good question… Rubez you got me… Erm… I dont even think it’s the sky, I think it’s all water and there’s a big pipe that runs from up there to all our sinks, baths etc

Any last words?
Yeah course, first things first big up yourself (high five) I’d like to thank Jesus Christ for giving me the mixing finger (high five) a massive shout out to all my fans I LOVE YOU!!!

If you wanna catch up with anything I’m up to like what I’m eating, drinking etc you can follow me on my twitter, @MrBOZIE or you can add my “Facebook: /Bozie”

Do remember to come listen to my show on each and every saturday from 6-8pm. Big up all the management and family on Pulse!!! I’m outski ;D and big up yourself Rubez and how can I forget big up!!!

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