The new site is finally here –after years of talking about it and weeks of prepping new features, tweaking layouts, typography & design. It’s finally ready for launch.. but this isn’t the finished design. This’ll likely be tweaked over the coming months.  But the new features are ready to go as well as a whole heap of brand new mixes!

New Feature Time

First off, we’ve now got interviews. Ruby (@mizzruby_x) has been speaking to some of the big names and up & coming talent in the industry arranging intereviews for this site. The first few are ready but in order to space them out, they’ll be appearing every 4 weeks.  The first interview is a video interview with DJ True, a big mover within the UK G scene. Go and check it out!

Next up, we’ve got Crate Diggin’, where DJ Emma Champion (@DJEmmaChampion & DeJaVu FM) will pick out 2 of her favourite old skool UKG tracks from her vast knowledge and write a little bit about each one along with a link to listen! I love this feature because not only does it ID some tracks I’ve wanted to pick up, it also introduces me to some classics!

We’ve also got DJ ALex S (@deejayalexs) who will be around helping out with the updating of the site, promotion & and admin too.

And finally, there’s the Exclusive mixes.  They’re not strictly a new feature, but they’re brand new to the site. DJ Emma Champion (DeJaVu), Duncan Powell & Jack Swift all mixed up some exclusive mixes just for the site. All 3 mixes cover a different side of the scene.  DJ Emma Champion brings a nice slice of the old skool scene with some really big tunes. Duncan Powell does what he does best, banging UK G with some sweet 4×4 beats and bass, and finally Jack Swift with his incredible technical ability showing the scene how it’s done infusing UK G, dubstep and some dirty electro.  I’ve had these 3 mixes on loop for near enough 4 weeks and I still can’t get enough of them!

That’s it for now. If you’ve got any comments about the site, or if you have an idea for a feature and want to get involved, hit me up on twitter, @ukgarage

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