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Paul Lawrence & Andy Garrett – Apocalypse EP

“A dark, grimey bass that does not disappoint. With a little funky element throughout the tracks.” Mizz Ruby 

The well titled ‘Apocalypse’ from the go has an incredibly dark vibe. War horns and tribal kicks lead the tune into an apocalyptic break and from there the production gets naughtier. Mind muddling bass lines and tribal syncopations combined with hints of the dark break samples make this a definite cop for your bag.

‘Fire’ truly lives up to its name. The tune is fire. Lawrence and Garett’s influences within this production show. An upbeat garage rhythm is dashed with their signature bass lines carefully arranged to move the listener into another space.

‘War Cry’ starts out with thoughtful pads and a hard drum pattern which pushes for the production to go to the deeper side of house. But once it kicks the the bass line and well shuffled hats make this a great closing track for their debut on Four40 Records.

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