16th November 2017

Well, hello, it has been far too long. This is partially an open message to the world and also to the wonderful Mr Qwest aka the UKGarage.Org’s head honcho, the boss man, the big technical musical cheese . I am so sorry that I have been just gosh darn rubbish at my blogging duties this last few years. I definitely struggle to motivate myself and juggle all these different things. But I am going to commit to a post a week and give my love back to the website that really helped me when I was starting out. I remember being so excited and doing all these interviews and little promo things, but after a tough time, I took on more things, my head got muddled and I really didn’t know what was what. I think too, the fact that a lot of the stations that became our network of fun and music, they all ended up closing and I don’t often hear more than a handful of UKG in the year. That’s for not to say that it’s “dead”, that’s a silly term really, no genre can totally disappear, there will always be amazing people and sounds though they probably struggle to get heard. And that’s a really a shame. We have to support the great, amazing, incredible gems out there, who often could be our friends and not just the “big” names. Umm, anyway, I have no idea where I’m really going with this note, more of a ramble which came to me halfway through the night as often the best ideas do – but then in the morning most of it has been forgotten, so then you end up with this crazy mess of whatever this is. I had a recent discussion which disheartened me talking about how small labels find it hard to get out there amongst the well-known ones. Then It hit me, no, there are so many very cool and passionate labels (this applies to artists too), out there doing well. Success isn’t topping the charts or being popular. If you’ve reached your goal in life, then that is your success. We all have different aims and circumstances, just do what you love and stop trying to please society or be the best of the best. I think I’ll leave you with that, and hopefully it inspires at least one person. Oh, by the way, my current soundtrack for this article is a playback of DJ S.K.T on KISS FM UK last night. Right there is a great example of someone who just does what he loves and never stopped dreaming.

– Mizz Ruby x

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