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Dino Mileta ft Oggie – Love Like Never Before

Love Like Never Before is the Fantastic new single  produced by the DJ and Producer Dino MIleta, LLNB was written by Oggie currently touring Japan in the Michael Jackson show, Thriller Live. A euphoric track recorded in England with Anthemic Drum Beat, drops, hooks and featuring vocals from Oggie LOVE LIKE NEVER BEFORE’ has received a full commercial release on Planet Punk Music (Germany), Already available on iTunes, the 6 Track single features remixes from Mark Lime & K Bastian, Crystal Rock and Extended club mixes from Dino Mileta BUY NOW FROM iTUNES

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One Response to “Dino Mileta ft Oggie – Love Like Never Before”

  1. Des Chisholm - February 8th, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    As usual, Oggie demonstrates what singing talent is all about, whether live or in the studio.


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